What We're Thankful For

It's that time of year again! 
As we all sit around the dinner table for Thanksgiving with family and friends to recognize what we are most thankful for, the Aqua team would like to thank the people who make clean and accessible water a possibility: our employees. Their dedication to their trade helps build a stronger and more reliable water infrastructure and a closer bond with the customers we serve.
With winter weather approaching, our crews will work tirelessly to respond to emergencies and ensure water service through even the harshest of polar vortexes. We are thankful for our employees' hard-work and daily commitment to excellent service in some times unpredictable conditions, long hours and plenty of service requests.
Whether you work in the lab, at a call center, or out in the field, we can not thank you enough for your work. Happy Thanksgiving! 
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Diary of an Aqua Water Drop: Chloe (Groundwater Treatment)

Starting at the Source

Hey! It’s me, Chloe the Aqua Water Drop! As a groundwater water drop, my life has seen some big changes lately. The other day my boyfriend Phil and I were cuddling when all of a sudden we were being pumped from our underground well home. Phil is totally clingy and holding me back. Lots of my water droplet friends who have left the underground always told me dirt and water couples never work out, so I know what I must do. I say to Phil, “I’ll never let go in my heart, Phillip,” and I let go. 


Custom Pre-Treatment  

So, after I let go of Phil, I’m being pumped through a pipe and suddenly I’m above ground in this cavernous tank. I look over and what do you know, Phil floats on by. I can’t tell if he’s crying or if it’s all the water on his face, but he doesn’t seem too happy about our breakup. As I try to decide whether to talk to him or not, a whoosh comes through the pre-treatment tank and he’s permanently filtered from my life. It was the ion-exchange filtration that did him in. What was I supposed to do?



As I’m floating along, newly single, Patty the Pathogen swims over to me because she saw the whole thing and is always getting into every water drop’s business. “I saw what you did,” she scolded me, “He loved you! And you just let go of him like he was a piece of dirt!” Finally Patty and I land in another tank when suddenly a swarm overcomes us. It’s a brigade of chlorine. One swims right up to Patty and suddenly she’s gone. That’s the good thing about chlorine, they’ll eliminate the toxic pathogens in a water drop’s life.


Custom Post-Treatment

With Patty and Phil in my past, I’m in love again and this time it’s so much better than that dirtball Phil. His name is Chris and he’s a strong and kind water drop. When I’m with Chris, I feel like I am whole and we’re always holding hands. It’s like we’re connected at the molecular level. He never loses me through additional filtration systems like Phil did. We’ve been making lots of other water drop friends during our journey. We even started taking some classes of substance at Custom Post Treatment Tank University, learning how to control corrosion in the water pipes we’ll travel in during our trip to our forever home. After all, the key to a successful water drop relationship is a stable infrastructure.


Storage and Distribution

For the past few days we’ve been hanging out in the paradise other water drops are calling the water tank. Chris and I splash around all day in the tank waiting for the big call, like all the other water drops, waiting for our forever home. We talk about the future and where we want to end up; a pool, a glass of water, a water heater – anything without dirt or harmful pathogens.

That’s all for me for now! Me and Chris are enjoying our time in storage until it’s time for distribution. And who knows -- maybe someday we’ll end up in your home!

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