Stay Hydrated During Sport Season



Summer has come to an end and school is back in session. For all sport parents and players, this means practices have begun. With practice and games comes proper steps to staying safe. Helmets and pads? Check. Cleats? Check. Water? Water is an absolute must — and just as important as those shin guards.


At Aqua, we want everyone to know that hydration plays an important role for any type of fitness. Without proper hydration, you’re not able to perform at your peak, and if your kids play a sport, they can’t perform at their peak, either. So, we enlisted our friend Jesse Frank, Fitness Director and Vice President at UNITE Fitness, for some advice and we’re getting SOAKED in the idea of hydration. Check out these reasons why you should fill up your water bottle before heading to the soccer field, football field or gym:


1. 75 percent of your muscle is made of water, so drinking water before a workout will keep muscles from cramping. “Muscle cramping happens if there is a loss of electrolytes, so if you’re not properly hydrated before a workout, you run the risk of painful cramping. You should be highly hydrated before every workout,” says Frank.Ultimately, a hydrated body allows your performance to be better, faster and stronger. Especially when working out in mid-August through early September, when it can still be hot and humid in some parts of the U.S.


2. Did you know: although sports drinks are advertised as the best way to quench you or your child's thirst, water is still better to drink. Sports drinks contain about 10 teaspoons of sugar, causing blood sugar to drop and your body to crash. “Sports drinks have their place: when you’re competing at a high-level and in high heat,” Frank says. “Examples include marathons and half-marathons. Otherwise, water is the way to go.”


3. We talked about the importance of being hydrated before a workout (see #1), and now we’re going to talk about why it’s important to drink water during and after, too. In short, it helps your body in the recovery process. Water during a workout keeps your energy flow going. After is important because the water flushes out toxins so your muscles won’t go stiff and your organs can function properly.


4.  How much water is needed to be hydrated properly? Well, it depends on who you are. “You should take half of your body weight in ounces,” Frank recommends. “If you weigh 200 pounds, you should be drinking 100 ounces. And that’s generally without a lot of activity.” So what if you do a lot of activity?Frank says, “If you workout and you sweat a lot, replenishing your water weight is very, very important.” Remember: water before, during and after make for an energized, cramp-free athlete!


5.   Hungry, weak, fatigued: those do not sound like a way that anyone wants to feel. But, it’s how you can feel if you’re dehydrated, and your urine could be a clue as to whether or not you’re at that point. “Your urine should be clear or pale yellow. Dark yellow is a sign of dehydration,” Frank says. “Hunger, weakness, fatigue, loss of concentration — these are all signs of being dehydrated,” he explains.   


Now that everyone is up to date with their water facts, remember that school sports and working out  are about being healthy, having fun and staying safely hydrated. Frank and the Aqua team understand that water isn’t everyone’s favorite drink. “If it’s the taste of water that keeps you from being hydrated, you can always jazz up your water,” Frank says. Here’s an Aqua post with some ideas for doing just that: 5 Hacks That Make Drinking Water More Simple.



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Thank You Laborers!

The first Monday of each September is bittersweet.

On one hand, we have our Labor Day barbeques where we pass the time with some of our friends and family and try not to get ourselves into trouble with fireworks.  We enjoy one last weekend at the beach before sending our kids back to school (finally). Perhaps most importantly, football season begins.

On the other hand, summer is coming to an end. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder.  But before we start thinking about frozen pipes- yikes - let’s take some time to thank the laborers.

Today we recognize our countless employees — as well as those in other fields — and thank them for their efforts.

Thank you to our crews who work tirelessly, responding to emergencies and ensuring water service through even the harshest of conditions. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to outstanding service through long hours and unpredictable circumstances while out in the field.


Today we owe them our thanks


The carpenters who build our homes…

The electricians who climb our power lines during thunderstorms to keep our lights on…

And (our personal favorites) the utility workers who keep clean, usable water flowing through our bathrooms and kitchens.

These men and women have time and time again demonstrated a true dedication to their work and have provided a strong and reliable infrastructure that we benefit from everyday.

So this weekend as we enjoy ourselves— let’s also show appreciation to those who make our lives easier.


Thank you from Aqua America!


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Water You Drinking?

It may be cooling down, but it's still important to keep hydration up. For a slightly sweet and herbal boost, try our newest infusion: blueberry lavender. Known for relieving tension, enhancing blood circulation and treating respiratory problems, lavender is the perfect addition to your late summer refreshments. 


1/2 pint of blueberries

Lavender flowers (to taste)

64 ounces of water


Add fruit and edible flowers to a pitcher of water.

Cover and chill for at least 30 minutes.

Strain, then add ice. Enjoy!



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Hurricane Season: Stay Prepared & Stay Safe

During hurricane season (June 1 — November 30), Aqua offers customers tips to prepare for the possible loss of water service during a storm.


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Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Aqua Office Assistant Megan Nicoson


What is your title at Aqua and what type of work to do you do?

Office Assistant, which means I have a lot of responsibilities and try to make everything run as smoothly as possible in our division! I’m the backflow coordinator and I’m responsible for distributing locates for the state. I also coordinate all events and functions for our division.  


When I was a kid, my nickname was…

Megs (and still is!)


I work with water for a living, but my favorite water related activity is...



If I had to pick 3 words to describe myself, they’d be…

Outgoing, fun, & kind



Megan's catch of the day at Lake Vermilion. 


My favorite weekend activity is...

Volunteering at my local Volunteer Fire Department or visiting my nieces.


What’s the most frequent question that people ask you about working at a water utility?

They ask about their bill!


What’s the most fun experience you’ve had working for Aqua?

My first time participating in the Festival of Trees...and I’ve been hooked every year since! The FOT is a fundraising event for the hospital. Several hundred local businesses compete in a Christmas tree decorating contest and all trees are on display for viewing after judging. It’s friendly competition and the whole community gets really involved. Aqua Illinois Vermilion Division won in 2012.




 Megan at a controlled training house fire with the Tilton Fire and Recuse Auxiliary where she is Vice President.

I love water because it’s...



The most interesting thing I’ve crossed off my “Bucket List” is…

Last fall I finally got to see Garth Brooks live in concert!


My co-workers don’t know this, but I’m actually a big fan of...

Harry Potter



Volunteering at a truck mud bog to raise funds for the Tilton ambulance service.  

In the summer, you can find me...  

By the swimming pool, reading a book.


Favorite childhood toy was...



When I was a kid, I always thought I’d grow up to be...  

A psychologist




 Megan and four other Tilton Fire and Recuse Auxiliary members receiving 2nd place at a fire department fundraiser event. 

Do you have any pets?

No (Allergies, but I love dogs!)


The last time I dressed up for Halloween, I went as…

A Cat


If I could be one movie character, I would be...because...  

Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I want my own library!



Megan's nieces, Mady and Leah. 

My favorite “guilty pleasure” snack is…

Reese’s PB Cups


Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve always had a celebrity crush on…

Luke Bryan


If I weren’t working at Aqua, I would be…

A social worker


Aside from water, my favorite drink is…

Unsweetened Iced Tea


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