Reflecting on the Past Year of Essential Utilities

This week marks two significant milestones—the one-year anniversary of bringing Aqua and Peoples together under Essential Utilities, and the one-year mark of operating through the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a milestone that has arrived much more quickly than any of us could’ve possibly imagined.

A year ago, just as we prepared to bring our two companies together, our way of life abruptly and dramatically changed. In fact, the day that Aqua and Peoples officially came together under Essential on March 16, 2020 was the same day that many of our employees began to work from home due to the pandemic. A day that was meant to be an exciting celebration was suddenly shadowed by the uncertainty of a virus that was gripping our country.

What happened in the months to come was nothing short of inspiring. As we all adjusted to unique, unfamiliar challenges, our employees persevered time and time again. Almost overnight, we saw herculean efforts from our customer service, IT, facilities, safety, and operations groups to implement new safety measures and work arrangements for employees. We saw departments move forward with service and technology projects across our organization without missing a beat. We saw our employees adapt to new tools and embrace virtual collaboration. We saw our incredible colleagues in the field continue to maintain and improve our infrastructure across 10 states. Day in and day out, we saw our employees putting our customers first.

It may have been a difficult year, but when we take a step back and see all that we’ve accomplished together, we’re immeasurably proud and grateful. In the face of enormous challenges, our teams have come together in support of a combined mission to safely deliver Earth’s most essential resources. We are all excited to continue our journey in the months and years ahead.

To all members of the Essential family, thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you continue to do to support our customers, communities, and each other.

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130 Years of Aqua America

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Celebrating 130 Years

This month, Aqua proudly celebrates our 130th anniversary.

It was in January 1886 that a group of professors from Swarthmore College first incorporated the Springfield Water Company—which would eventually grow into Aqua America—to serve residents of Springfield Township, Delaware County in Pennsylvania. Over the years, Aqua became one of the largest U.S.-based water and wastewater utilities in the nation, and today we provide essential water and wastewater services to more than 3 million people in eight states.

Although much has changed in the past 130 years, two things have not: the importance of water in sustaining life and Aqua’s role as its steward. As a part of Aqua’s anniversary celebration, we are excited to unveil an updated company mission to reflect that commitment:


Protecting and providing Earth’s most essential resource.

It’s our hope that this new, succinct and impactful mission statement will serve as a source of pride and encouragement to our employees, and that it will resonate with our customers, who can be reminded of how seriously we take our role in the lifecycle of our world’s precious water supply.

To reach 130 years is a remarkable milestone for any company. As we reflect on Aqua’s great history and growth story, it’s clear that our success is a reflection of our strong foundation as a company committed to operating with integrity and transparency. It’s also clear that we wouldn’t be where we are today without:


·      Our employees, both past and present, whose hard work and dedication to their jobs has fueled our company for generations; and


·      Our customers, who motivate us to continue finding better ways to deliver safe, affordable water and wastewater services, while investing in infrastructure to ensure the long-term reliability of our products.

So today, we thank both our employees and our customers for their partnership, and for helping us to reach this exciting anniversary. Here’s to another 130 years of protecting and providing Earth’s most essential resource, together. 


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Aqua America's 130th Anniversary!

In celebration of our 130th Anniversary, we ‘d like to share some of our archived photos of the company from over the years. Check them out below! 


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