Aqua Pennsylvania is Lending a Hand to Customers

As COVID-19 continues to financially impact businesses and families in our communities, Aqua Pennsylvania is reminding customers that its Helping Hand assistance program is available to help those whose finances are affected by the pandemic.

The Helping Hand program is an assistance program designed to enable customers facing financial difficulty to make manageable monthly payments on their water and wastewater bills. This program is a resource for customers if they are having trouble paying their water and wastewater bills due to COVID-19.

“At Aqua, we know how important water and wastewater services are to meet our customers’ needs,” said Aqua Pennsylvania President Marc Lucca. “As COVID-19 continues to impact our everyday lives, we want our customers and communities to know that Aqua is here to assist through the Helping Hand program. We are here to offer our support and we will get through this together.”

The program helps customers set up an individualized payment plan; an opportunity for customers who make payments on time to earn a monthly credit toward their past-due balances; and a conservation kit to help customers reduce water usage to lower bills. The conservation kit includes leak-detection tablets, a low-flow shower head, low-flow aerators for kitchen faucets and more.

Aqua Pennsylvania will partner eligible customers with a local agency to develop a personal payment plan. In this plan, a customer will pay a fixed monthly payment based on average bills for the preceding 12-month period. Specific Helping Hand partner agencies can be found on our website.

Customers whose household income meet the criteria below are eligible to participate in Helping Hand:



*For a limited time, new Helping Hand participants receive an $25 enrollment credit. 

Aqua Pennsylvania wants customers to know the company is here to help and that applying to Helping Hand is easier than ever. Customers who would like to learn more about the program and to find out if they qualify can call: 877.987.2782.

Customers who would like to lend a hand to their friends and neighbors, can donate to the Helping Hand program by calling Aqua and asking how they can contribute to the assistance program. 

Our company takes pride in protecting and providing water and wastewater services to the communities where we live and work and we are ready to assist customers during this time. To learn more about Helping Hand, visit


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Aqua Pennsylvania steps in to rehabilitate troubled Sun Valley water system


By Marc Lucca, Aqua Pennsylvania President

As a leader in the water and wastewater industry, Aqua is committed to improving our nation’s infrastructure through thoughtful capital investment, which improves customer service and satisfaction. Over the past five years, Aqua Pennsylvania has invested $1.16 billion in infrastructure improvements, including hundreds of miles of pipe replacement and plant upgrades to enhance water quality and ensure reliable water and wastewater services. In 2018, Pennsylvania plans to invest more than $238.8 million to strengthen infrastructure in the communities we have the privilege of serving. 

One of Aqua’s investment focuses is partnering with municipalities that are struggling to maintain their own water or wastewater systems – whether because of water quality issues, critical infrastructure investment needs, or budgetary constraints. By leveraging our compliance expertise, purchasing power and operational efficiencies, our company is able to infuse needed capital into systems and develop the infrastructure required for clean drinking water and environmentally sound wastewater services.

Aqua Operator outside the existing Sun Valley well station.

Given our reputation for bringing troubled systems into compliance with environmental regulations to ensure public health, State Rep. Jack Rader and Sen. Mario Scavello recently asked Aqua Pennsylvania to consider taking over the small but troubled Sun Valley water system. The system, which serves approximately 200 residents in Chestnut Hill Township, Monroe County, did not have any consistent oversight or maintenance, and as a result, was in an extremely dilapidated state. In fact, since 2015, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection had been advising customers to boil their water before consumption.

Although Aqua Pennsylvania specializes in larger water systems serving towns and municipalities, we were pleased to be able to jump into action to help a community that had nowhere else to turn. Within eight days of being granted official approval by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to take over the system, we were able to make enough short-term improvements to have the boil water advisory lifted. My team did a great job and I’m extremely proud of their efforts to make this really important improvement.

Sun Valley's existing storage tank.

The ongoing absence of rehabilitation and maintenance to the Sun Valley water system has made it necessary to rebuild the entire system to ensure reliable service and safe water going forward. Aqua Pennsylvania will construct a new well and water tank, replace all of the pipes and install water meters. The cost will likely exceed $2 million, which will be funded in part by state loans and grants.

The work Aqua Pennsylvania is doing in Sun Valley is an extreme example of what’s occurring with water infrastructure across the country, and it highlights the important role that publicly regulated companies can play in addressing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. With over a century of experience in water and wastewater operations, Aqua has the ability to help troubled water and wastewater systems, and we will continue to lend our expertise to ensure communities across the country have access to safe and clean water and reliable service.

Sun Valley's existing well station chemical feed.

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