In Indiana, upgraded mains make the water flow round—literally!

If you’ve been keeping up with our Aquastructure blog series, you know that water mains play an integral role in providing reliable water service to surrounding communities. That’s why we’re excited to share that Aqua recently took on a water main improvement project in Indiana, installing over 3,000 feet of new water mains and five new fire hydrants in the town of Darlington.

In order to fully grasp the value and extent of these upgrades, we connected with Kieran Tansy, area manager at Aqua Indiana. Let’s explore what exactly makes this project so beneficial for our customers in Darlington. 

What’s the big deal with a water main replacement?

"When a water main is replaced, the new line is installed near the old line. Those new customer service lines are run from the new main to each existing meter pit or curb stop,” Tansy explains. Lines are installed either through direct excavation or underground drilling when appropriate. 

Tansy reports that the new lines have been professionally engineered by Aqua to be sized and located appropriately to provide the best long-term service to our customers and provide safe access to Aqua employees for maintenance activities.

A behind-the-scenes look at infrastructure upgrades in Darlington.

Why replace it now?

Over the course of this project, our team uncovered 3,215 feet of unreliable plastic, transite, and steel lines, which resulted in some main breaks since the lines were rarely located where the plans indicated. Despite these obstacles, Tansy says, “the customers, town employees, and town officials were very patient and wonderful to work with during these interruptions in service.”

Replacing these worn lines was necessary to improve not only water flow, but also water pressure. With these newer and more durable lines, the water mains will be able to carry a higher volume of water to our customers in their homes, businesses, and offices. 

Don’t forget the additional perks!

Aqua Indiana officials and Darlington town council members also celebrated the installation of five new fire hydrants and all of the new water main with a ceremonial “Fire Hydrant Opening” in June. “Although the Darlington water system is not required to provide fire protection, we are glad to provide more hydrants that are available for the fire department’s use,” Tansy adds. 

Ta-da: Part of the finished product on Madison Street looking South.

Additionally, these new lines will bring higher and more consistent water pressure to our customers, especially during peak usage times. Our crews are pleased with the final result of this project, and our entire Aqua Indiana team looks forward to providing even more reliable service to the Darlington community. 

Whether we’re working in Indiana or any of the eight states we serve, we’re dedicated to providing safe, reliable water to all of our customers. Stay tuned to learn more about our infrastructure improvement projects in our next Aquastructure blog! 



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Aqua’s Mission is Earth Day-Critical

Aqua facility operators learn about the controls for the new oxidation ditches at the Midwest Water Resource Recovery Facility

By Aqua Indiana Area Manager Jeff Gard

Having spent most of my professional career in the water industry, I knew little, nor cared much, about wastewater. I mean, that is what we were trying to get rid of in drinking water, right? 

Having come from another water utility to Aqua Indiana with a little knowledge of the subject, my scientific background got the better of me and I started digging in to learn more about the difference. First, I learned that unlike water treatment, which is solely a chemical process, wastewater treatment is primarily a biological process. The languages are as different as the processes: digesters, SBRs, ditches, solids and presses. There are also chlorinators, clarifiers and splitters, all of which piqued my interest. 

Aqua’s mission statement is protecting and providing Earth’s most essential resource. In water treatment, we provide the most essential resource to consumers to protect their health. We have wellhead protection plans, river clean-ups and education campaigns all designed for the protection of the source water.

The opportunity to join Aqua Indiana as an area manager for Aqua’s two largest wastewater plants began to change my perspective on the role of wastewater treatment. It is a true biological art form of protection for Earth’s most essential resource. Ultimately the treated wastewater is going to become the water source that water operators will treat and provide to others. 


Aqua Indiana Facility Operator Carolyn Stout

Not only does Aqua’s largest wastewater plant – the Midwest Water Resource Recovery Facility – sit right next to one of the nation’s largest wetlands preservation areas, but the plant’s effluent discharges into the Graham-McCullough ditch (you read it right) that flows right through the middle of this pristine nature preserve.


Aqua's Midwest Water Resource Recovery Facility

Now my perspective of our mission statement is completely understood. My team’s duty and mission is to treat the wastewater so well that no one can call into question our commitment to protect Earth’s most essential resource, for the flora and fauna of the Little River Wetland’s Eagle Marsh and those who are provided drinking water from the Wabash, Ohio or Mississippi rivers. 

What became a new mission perspective for me, was likely already known amongst the Aqua employees who work at wastewater systems. Yeah it still stinks, but not when it is returned to the Graham-McCullough Ditch. Would I drink it? I probably could. I am proud that my job is to protect and provide Earth’s most essential resource. We celebrated Earth Day earlier this month, but our mission celebrates Earth Day every day. 

Aqua Indiana Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor Mark Aurich


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Aqua Indiana Employee Spotlight: Yan Ma


Throughout 2017, Aqua will be highlighting each of our eight states for a month at a time. In March we put a spotlight on Aqua Illinois, and now, for the month of April, our focus is on sharing all about Aqua Indiana. One way we’re sharing our story, is by sharing our employees’ stories.

As a company, we know it’s our employees who make us great! And throughout these state spotlights, we are making an effort to point out some among the many who have interesting and impressive stories to share, both professionally and personally. In Indiana, one such employee is Financial Accountant Yan Ma.

Yan, a Chinese native who moved to the United States 20 years ago, will celebrate her seventh anniversary with Aqua this August. But that’s not all Yan will be celebrating this year! 2017 will mark the year that Yan became a U.S. citizen. Yan is excited about this milestone in her life. This is her story:


What made you want to move to the United States, from China, 20 years ago?

When I was in high school in China, I had a dream to come to America and get my education in the States. This is a land of freedom and opportunity. I knew that if I moved here, worked hard and got a degree, that I could have a better life.

In early 1980s, China opened its door to the Western World. A lot of younger generations had similar dreams of coming to America, and we studied English to carry those out. I had my mind made up that I wanted to give it a shot. I had an uncle who came to the states in the 1960s, so I knew I’d have some family so I wouldn’t feel too lonely in America.

How did you go about making this dream a reality?

I continuously worked on my dream; I self-motivated. I kept working on my English, went to college and graduated with a degree in economics, and got a job in Beijing. Eventually, I left my job and focused on intensive English language training for a year.

During that time, my husband Mark and I worked part-time as translators for Beijing Warner Gear Company, which had a joint venture with Borg-Warner, on a project called the China Action Plan. Through that project, we met some managers and engineers who had graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. My husband and I decided to apply to that school, and were accepted with scholarships. It is highly competitive for someone from China to be granted a visa from the US Embassy to attend school in the states. We were lucky!

Once at Ball State, I started my schooling over in an undergraduate program and earned my Master’s Degree in Accounting, and graduated with honors. My husband has degrees in environmental geology and computer science.

Has your experience in the U.S. been equal to the dream you had?

It’s living up to the dream. America is a melting pot, where people come from all over the world; we have been treated well in America. We have decent jobs; Mark works in programming for Indiana University’s medical school. We have three-year-old twins, Emma and Baron. We love to travel and being a U.S. citizen means you have the passport and ability to travel to most countries without limitations.

Is that one of the reasons you decided to become a U.S. citizen?

It’s one of the reasons, yes. We’ve been here 20 years. Our children were born here and will be raised here. We feel more at home here, and more comfortable working and living here.

What was the process like becoming a U.S. citizen?

It was a long process, so we started off completing one step at a time. I was eligible to apply to be a citizen in 2013. China doesn’t allow you to have dual citizenship, so I knew once this was complete, I’d no longer be a Chinese citizen, which is a little hard. Now when I want to visit family, I must get a Visa to China. We mentally prepared ourselves for that piece of this while going through the process.

I found out recently that I passed the final process of this, the interview. Now I just have to wait to be told when I can attend the ceremony, in the courtroom, to document and make my journey official. That should take place in the next month or two.

Do you plan to celebrate?

Absolutely! My husband is also getting his citizenship, so we will celebrate together.

What does completing this process, and being named a U.S. citizen mean to you?

I am getting excited; it will be a great milestone in my life. Becoming a citizen means other significant changes in my life, such as being eligible to vote, and not having to worry about being deported.

While I am proud to be named a U.S. citizen, I will continue to celebrate the bridge I’ve established that connects my Eastern and Western cultures through the art of Chinese folk dancing and singing. Check out Yan’s Aqua blog on her experiences performing in Chinese festivals.


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Aqua Indiana Contributes $1,500 To Washington Township/Avon Fire Department

Avon, IN — Aqua Indiana (Aqua) presented a $1,500 charitable contribution to the Washington Township/Avon Fire Department on February 8th. The local fire department consists of 57 full-time firefighters and 9 full-time administrative staff. The department protects and serves residents of Washington Township in Hendricks County, Indiana, including Aqua customers in its Hendricks County wastewater division.

Fire Chief Dan Smith and other members of the department gratefully accepted the contribution. Chief Smith thanked Aqua for its generous support and said that the donation would specifically help Station 142, which is an Aqua customer.

“Aqua is proud of the community partnerships we’ve established with organizations like the Washington Township Fire Department,” said Aqua Area Manager Kieran Tansy. “We take great pride in supporting the dozens of volunteers who protect the communities we serve. Aqua knows firsthand the importance of the specialized training it takes to perform our jobs, and we’re thankful to help support the fire department’s ongoing efforts.” 

Aqua Indiana operates 11 utility systems in 11 counties and provides water and wastewater service to more than 80,000 people throughout the state. Visit for more information, or follow Aqua on Facebook at and on Twitter at @MyAquaAmerica.


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Meet Aqua Indiana’s Yan Ma, Chinese Folk Dancer, as She Celebrates the Year of the Sheep

February marks the Chinese New Year — 2015 is the Year of the Sheep — so there is no better time to get to know Aqua Indiana employee Yan Ma, a Chinese native who will celebrate her fifth anniversary with Aqua this August. 

As a financial accountant based in Aqua Indiana’s Indianapolis offices, Yan is responsible for Aqua Indiana’s monthly, quarterly and annual internal financial reporting, in addition to reporting to regulatory agencies.

Yan moved to the U.S. from China 18 years ago. After graduating from Ball State University with a B.S. and M.S. in accounting, she held positions with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, Bankers Conseco Life and Ernst & Young, to name a few, before coming to Aqua.

When Yan isn’t dealing with numbers, she is getting in touch with her more creative side, sharing her culture through the art of Chinese folk dancing and singing. In fact, she has performed in many Chinese festivals in the Indianapolis area and is also a member of a local Chinese choir. Yan has been performing since 2002, when she first moved to Indianapolis. Her performances, she explains, allow her to build a bridge connecting her Eastern and Western cultures.

“Singing and dancing to my culture’s music helps me relax and relieves my homesickness, and most importantly, it is fun,” says Yan. “My dance team consists of professionals from within different industries including scientists, accountants, IT engineers, etc. I love dancing with these fine individuals and sharing my cultural background with local communities through various performances,” Yan says.

Yan also participates in half-marathons and loves to travel, embracing every culture along the way. She strives to be a global citizen in everything that she does.

Yan’s favorite water activity — aside from working in the water industry, of course — is to watch her children’s swimming lessons. She and her husband of 22 years, Mark, have two one-year-old twins.

Yan enjoys getting to know employees she doesn’t usually work with, so take the time to get to know her as she dances her way into a new year!

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