Imagine a Day Without Water: Creating Awareness for Our Most Valuable Resource

Picture your day. Think about waking up, getting ready, making breakfast and going through your daily routine. Now picture doing everything without water. It would be virtually impossible, right? Water is our most important resource. Its most basic function is to sustain life, but there are so many other ways we incorporate it into our lives. 

Most people who have access to clean water tend to take it for granted. A family of four can use up to 400 gallons of water every day. It can be difficult to believe that there are places in the United States and all over the world with water shortages and lack of access to clean water. One in ten people worldwide lack access to water that is considered safe. Here in the United States, the West experiences major droughts every year.

On September 15, we encourage you to imagine a day without water. You can share your story about the importance of water in your life or even partner with a local organization that cares about water. You can also try to conserve your water use in many different ways at home. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Install a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering your garden or lawn
  • Reuse cooking water or water leftover from water bottles to water houseplants
  • Update your appliances so they’re energy efficient 
  • Use a bucket in your shower to capture the water while it’s warming up and reuse it

There are other ways for you to raise awareness, especially by involving your community. Consider writing an op-ed for your local newspaper or getting involved on social media by sharing graphics and educating your friends and followers. The Value of Water Coalition created a toolkit complete with fliers, bus ads and other communications materials to raise awareness about the importance of water.

At Aqua, water is our top priority. We fully realize the importance of water in our everyday lives and want everyone else to realize it as well. It’s important to not take our most essential resource for granted and to be grateful that we do have access to clean water. We strongly encourage you to sign up for Imagine a Day Without Water to help the cause and let us know how you do your part to conserve water on Facebook and Twitter.                      


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