Proper Hydration for Fitness

A new year and a healthy new you. That’s always the goal, right? This year, you’ll reach it. Sometimes it just takes a little advice from the experts to get you on track.


Luckily, Aqua had the chance to get some health and hydration tips from fitness expert Juliet Burgh, Vice President and Nutrition Director at Unite Fitness. Follow her hydration tips, and you’ll tackle your New Year’s resolution in no time!




1. Why is it important to stay hydrated while working out?


Hydration helps to support your entire system while working out. It will keep your muscles from cramping and will cool your body down, allowing you to work longer and harder.



2. How much and how often should the average person drink water?


The average person should make sure they are drinking at least half their body weight in ounces of water a day and an extra 16 ounces per hour of exercise.  



3. Is drinking water better than drinking a sports drink? Why or why not?


Yes, 100 percent. Those sugary drinks will make your blood sugar crash and will not fully hydrate you. They’ll actually make you thirstier at times. Sports drinks do have their place as a way to replenish salt, sugar and potassium ratios, but this is only for someone who is training for endurance (over 90 minutes at a time).



4. What effect does proper hydration have on recovery after working out?


It helps your body flush out toxins, which can build up in your body. It helps your muscles to recover and heal, as well as your organs to function properly.



5. Can proper hydration before working out help give you a boost at the gym?


Yes. You will feel more energized and limber if your body is properly hydrated. Muscles will not feel as stiff, which will allow you to have a better workout.


There you have it from the pros. Better hydration = better workouts, and a better you! Make water a part of the plan when you put your 2015 New Year’s resolution into action and make this year the year you stick to it! You can start by filling up a bottle and hitting the gym.  


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