April Showers Bring May Flowers: The Facts


Ahhh, springtime. A season full of warm weather and outdoor adventure. Of course, before we can bask in the sunlight, we’ve got to storm through that April rain. We’ve all heard the short poem — you know, the one about April showers? But what most of us haven’t heard are the facts. So here they are: five facts behind the age-old rhyme April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Rain or Shine:

As it turns out, most flowering has more to do with temperature than rainfall. In fact, a paper in the PLOS ONE Journal found that the recent record-breaking temperatures resulted in an earlier blooming season! 

The Roots:

The poem Sweet April showers, do Spring May flowers was found in the April section of Thomas Tusser’s book, “Five Hundred Good Points of Husbandry,” from the mid-1500s. Sure, the way we say the rhyme has changed over time, but the meaning behind it (both literal and figurative) is still as right as rain!

A Deeper Meaning:

“April showers bring May flowers,” reminds us all that even the most unpleasant of things — in this case the heavy April rain can result in a positive outcome. So keep your eyes peeled for that metaphorical silver lining; there’s a bright side to everything.

Poem Pop Culture:

The rhyme has had a sizeable impact on pop culture throughout the years songs, movies, and even longer poems all rooting from that one iconic line. Most notably is Abe Lyman’s 1935 song March Winds and April Showers. If you don’t feel like giving the song a listen now, you could always save it for a rainy day!

The Cause:

Behind every poem is factual science, right? Okay, so that might not always be true, but in this case it is! So why exactly does it rain so much in April? One of the major causes is the position of the jet stream in early spring. As it moves further north, heavy rain and wind are brought in from the Atlantic.

Whether you're getting ready for those sunny Texas summers, prepping for hikes through the beautiful Illinois woods or counting down the days until you can head to the Jersey shore, enjoy some downpour downtime. After all, the flower show is less than a month away.

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