Meet Heather Harrisson, Aqua Paralegal and Family Woman

Heather Harrisson likes to describe herself as helpful, loyal and caring. We couldn’t agree more.  

 As a paralegal, Heather supports Aqua’s legal department by interpreting the law and helping to identify potential cases. Many lawyers go to Heather for help on their cases and she’s always happy to offer her assistance. That willingness to help others extends far past her position at Aqua; over the years she has assisted with Aqua’s United Way campaign and fundraiser and once led Aqua’s successful Toys for Tots fundraiser and toy drive.

An all-around family woman, Heather’s weekends are dedicated to Tori, her almost 5-year-old daughter, and Chas, her husband. Tori calls the shots when it comes to playing and having fun, while it’s up to Heather to keep them both safe. Expect to see these two playing outside and tossing around water balloons, dashing back-and-forth through the sprinkler, sidewalk painting and drinking tea with Rapunzel and Elsa at Disney World this summer. 


In addition to keeping up with Tori, Heather also cares for her coterie of animal friends: Sam, the playful Pomeranian; mischievous cats Merlin, Jingles, and Taz; a bold, boisterous parakeet that goes by Abbot; the quiet, cool fish and a hermit crab. With early aspirations of being a teacher, Heather has since been able to direct her warm, nurturing skills toward her family —animals included.


When she does manage to find some “me time,” Heather likes to curl up in the living room with the latest issue of People magazine and a cozy cup of coffee. Not exactly a guilty pleasure, but she especially wouldn’t mind if all the cups of coffee she encountered had a little bit of mocha in them.

Outside of her day-to-day schedule, Heather has also made quite the mark on her bucket list, crossing off items such as visiting Niagara Falls. Who knows: Maybe she’ll return to Niagara one day, this time arm-in-arm with a stoic Robert Downey, Jr., her celebrity crush.  



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That's my girl! Love her and I'm very proud of her! She's one in a million!

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